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    Baptism is about three B’s: Believing, Behaving and Belonging.

    Baptism is a sign of the new life and new birth which we all must have to be saved. For someone who believes, their baptism as a child confirms God’s promises, that his or her sins are forgiven, and that he or she is indeed adopted as God’s child by faith.

    Baptism does not change the person in a magical or automatic way. Neither is baptism a ‘sure-fire’ ticket to heaven. Baptism does not give to the person anything that they did not already have. If someone does not believe in Jesus, baptising them won’t give them faith.

    Infant Baptisms

    Baptising infants requires the parents of the child to together make significant promises and commitments. These promises are made before God and they relate to the parents firm commitment to raise the child in Christian belief within a sound and secure family environment. Children will therefore only be baptised at St Paul’s if the parents have already committed to each other in marriage. In this respect, we would be very happy to speak to you further about getting married.

    We have a two-part course called ‘New Life’ that covers the Believing and Behaving aspect of baptism. Both parents MUST go through this course before we will consider baptising your child.

    For ‘belonging’, we would like to invite you to come to our services for six weeks, so that you as a couple can figure out whether or not our church community is one you and your family would like to belong to (We have a 8am traditional, a 10am family service and a 6pm evening service on a Sunday). In the light of the promises parents make in the baptism service, including declaring their commitment to church, being part of the church is therefore very important.

    Please do not ask for a particular date – this must be negotiated with the senior minister.

    For further details, please contact our Church Office on (02) 4295 1321 or at:

    Adult Baptisms

    Please contact the senior minister to discuss this further.